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Concentrate on what's important... part2
3. Free Amazon Tools... 

If you're promoting Amazon's affiliate program here are a couple of useful sites which help you automate the process. 

Associatesshop lets you add an Amazon store to your site and sell products of your choice, while Addassociates provides you with code which works much the same way as Google Adsense - 
meaning it "reads" the content of your webpage and displays context related products. 

Of the two I prefer Addassociate, but you can't use it on pages where you're running Google Adsense ads. 

Anyway, they're both free and could be a useful addition to your sites. 
4. Beginners Bit... 

I get heaps of letters about how difficult it is to build a good looking website. But I get even more letters about the complexities of getting a webhost and uploading pages to it. 

One simple way around this is to use Site Build It! (SBI) because it offers an all-in-one solution. 

The mastermind behind SBI, Ken Evoy, has been really busy with SBI over the past few months, constantly adding new features and making it easier to use. I've owned SBI for a few years now and it's now a far, far better site building tool than when I started using it. And it was good then. 

One thing SBI is ideal for is displaying Google Adsense ads. 

To really make big profits from Adsense you need a lot of content pages. Using SBI for these sites makes sense because once you've got over the learning curve it leaves you totally free to 
concentrate on providing that content. So you can quickly put out a lot more pages. 

Plus the in-built tools help you keep that content on topic, which means that Adsense can read that your pages correctly and display relevant ads. 

In fact Ken has put together a very good info site about using SBI with Adsense. You should spend a bit of time reading through it. 

5. Stuck for ideas what to build a site about? 

Try reading Michael Holland's Strike it Niche. 
It's a great place to begin. 

Michael's done a great research job, giving you ideas for 70 different sites, and explaining just what you need to do to profit from each 
of them. Reading this ebook should leave you dancing with enthusiasm. 

6. As a follow on to the stuff higher up... 

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of data? 
Well you're not the only one. 

I just checked out the online edition of The Guardian, one of the best UK daily papers, and found this report: 

"There's a lot of data on our hard disks, and there's more accumulating by the day. The University of Berkeley School of Information Management and Systems has just updated its "How Much Information?" study. In 2002 we created over five exabytes of data, in the form of video, print, magnetic and optical media — an increase of over 30% a year since 1999. That's equivalent to half a million new collections the size of the US Library of Congress — 92% of which was on magnetic media, and most of that was on hard disk."
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